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ERES Property

The company ERES property, s.r.o. has been operating on the market since 2015. In its activity, it follows on everything positive we managed to achieve in providing services for S.V.B., administration for apartment houses and non-residential spaces as well as in administration and operation of thermo-technical equipment.

It is the leading provider of complex and innovative services and solutions in the field of real estate administration of the owners of apartments and non-residential spaces and residential polyfunctional houses in Trenčín and its surroundings. At the time, we administer more than 3,000 apartments in 101 apartment houses and 30 boiler rooms in Trenčín and its surroundings. Thanks to our experiences and services, we can offer administration services according to the latest best practice.

We offer our clients a unique option to check their payments for living in an apartment and apartment house through our own INFOBIT software. Under our administration, they have an excellent overview of their finances, the renewal works and investments of their apartment house.


+421 32 744 22 20

+421 32 744 22 21

Company Head Office

Braneckého 12, 911 01 Trenčín

Slovak Republic



Company ID: 47977591 ▪ Tax ID: 2024161722 ▪ VAT ID: SK2024161722

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