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E-RAN Výťahy

The company focusing on lifts, E – RAN VÝŤAHY spol. s r.o. originated in 2015 after several years of cooperation with lift replacement experts, as the subsidiary of E – RAN Slovakia spol. s r.o. Replacement of lifts in apartment houses belongs to the broader renewal offer; inhabitants usually undertake it in the second stage. However, by experience, in terms of both time and cost, it is better to replace them as a part of the total reconstruction. In lift reconstructions, we cooperate with the reputable lift component manufacturers who guarantee quality and safety for the inhabitants at the most acceptable price. In addition to the lifts, we also solve the construction part of the renewal of lift shafts, door portals, master switches, shaft lighting and other cost-effective parts of the lift system. We offer our customers individual approach and option to refine the technical parameters, drive systems, as well as design and servicing.


+421 32 748 49 50 (51)

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Astrová 2/A, 821 01 Bratislava

Slovak Republic



Company ID: 36336530 ▪ Tax ID: 2021877957 ▪ VAT ID: SK2021877957

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