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We have renewed more than 6592 housing units!


The company E - RAN TZB, s.r.o., originated in 2014 following a three-year cooperation of the companies M2 BAU s.r.o. and E - RAN Slovakia spol. s.r.o. Together, we renewed more than 1,500 housing units in 2012 - 2014. In order to improve our customer services and expanding our activities accross Slovakia, we decided to incorporate the company M2 BAU s.r.o. into the E - RAN GROUP a.s. structures, titled E - RAN TZB, s.r.o.

The Company deals with reconstructing water, sewerage, gas and air-conditioning riser pipes in residential houses. The most important aspect in selecting the appropriate company for reconstructing the distributions should be the total service life of the reconstructed pipes. Therefore, our company offers and uses only the best quality materials in its reconstructions, usually of German origin. Our additional services include legal disposal of asbestos-cement materials and free consulting regarding riser pipes reconstructions in form of personal consulting on the site or organizing specialized seminars on the reconstruction of distributions all around Slovakia.


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Slovak Republic



Company ID: 47916729 ▪ Tax ID: 2024167651 ▪ VAT ID: SK2024167651

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