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E-RAN reality

The company E – RAN Reality s.r.o. originated in 2011 as the subsidiary of E – RAN Slovakia spol. s r.o., focused on the purchase, sale and lease of real estates. The company deals with real estates and provides complex services in the field of real estates and developer activities. Primarily, the company focuses on the sale and lease of own investment (construction) projects and projects of the E – RAN GROUP, a.s. and its business partners as well as intermediation, sale, purchase and lease of all kinds of real estates. Within intermediation of the sale of real estates, we also offer our clients related legal assistance services. Legal services are provided on a case-to-case basis. In addition to the real estate activity, we will provide for preparation of all legal documents needed during the process of sale or purchase of real estate. If necessary, we can also represent the client in the cadastre procedure for arrangement of the ownership deed and other documents. We will prepare the expert opinions for the estimate of real estate value for customers.

Currently, we offer land for family houses in Selec (15) and Horná Ves (9) for sale.


+421 32 748 49 50 (51)

Company Head Office

Bratislavská 16, 911 05 Trenčín

Slovak Republic



Company ID: 36336530 ▪ Tax ID: 2021877957 ▪ VAT ID: SK2021877957

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