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Comprehensive implementation of turnkey constructions

Our companies started to deal with constructions in 2011. We have successfully completed the construction of the apartment house in Brunovce (19 housing units). Another project worth mention was the construction of the apartment house in Selec (8 h.u.).The first larger project was the construction of the polyfunctional house OLBRACHTOVA in Trenčín, containing commercial spaces and 45 h.u. Currently, we are working on the construction of other two apartment houses in Selec (12 h.u.), by using a special prefabricated technology. Another current project is the construction of the polyfunctional object called Rubikon in Trenčín, offering commercial spaces and apartments. The project also includes a children's playground with a relax zone directly in front of the object.

At the time, we are in the preparatory phase of another polyfunctional object with commercial spaces and apartments, row housing and individual structures in a cottage area. Our construction of the residential house in Selec in 2012 was awarded in the contest “Progressive, Affordable Housing” for the exemplary approach to the residential houses construction under challenging economic conditions of the local self-government. The contest is announced on an annual basis by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development SR, Department of housing policy and urban development. The contest appraisal accentuated the effort and energy devoted to the project implementation both by the investor and contractor. This is the proof that through selecting suitable materials and progressive engineering soltions, it is possible to implement high quality housing which is original in its design and affordable at the same time.

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