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E-RAN GROUP, a.s. originated through transformation and covering of several segments of our activities in the building industry. Through our companies, we have been providing high quality services in the construction of residential houses, housing reconstruction and residential building administration for more than 10 years now. Thanks to the complete service offered by our company, the municipalities, residential houses or administrators are able to save a considerable amount of funds and thus have resources to implement several investment plans concurrently. We are able to ensure better quality of implementation and therefore may provide longer warranties for the work as well as supply the after-sales servicing.

We specialize mostly in comprehensive housing reconstruction, rental housing constructions for municipalities, commercial constructions and energy-efficient measures leading to radical reduction of household heating expenditures.

In addition to reconstructing the residential houses, we also engage in raising public awareness in the field of insulation, energy efficiency and financial options of asset management companies, associations of the owners of apartments, and self-governments. On a regular basis, we organize informative specialized seminars focused on clarifying procedures in preparing the residential houses reconstruction. When preparing savings through energy measures and consulting activity, we also cooperate with the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and with the banking institutions dealing with the residential houses reconstructions. We are a member of several professional associations, including the Association for the Support of Residential Houses Reconstruction and we are the co-founding member of the Association for the Promotion of Housing Reconstruction. We regularly organize various edifying seminars and trainings.

We employ internally more than 80 employees in our companies, with additional approximately 600 workers through subcontracts. Our business representations are seated in Bratislava, Trenčín, Prievidza and Košice. Our company is the holder of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certificates. We have been awarded licences to carry out works with certified insulation systems, window installation and roof structures. We also have our own storage capacities, facade centre and scaffolding system.

We cooperate with significant multi-national suppliers of construction materials and chemicals, such as BASF, Knaufinsulation, Rehau, Soudal and many more. We support the third sector in sports. We contribute to children's events, children's homes, maternity and children's centres, kindergartens and schools.

E-RAN GROUP, a.s.has issued 150 bills.

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